Because you need help to determine the best way to protect your intellectual property consistent with your business purposes. You have a number of critical questions that need answers. You also need answers to a number of questions that you have not asked. We know what you need to know as well as what you want to know.

Patents may be appropriate for licensing to you or by you to generate greater income. We can assist you in the valuation of the patent, in the potential markets, both product and geographical, and the various options available for payment and royalties.

Patents may need to be enforced against infringers, or defended against attack through litigation. We do both more simply and less expensively.

Patenting begins with an interview wherein we evaluate your idea, method or product to determine whether or not it is patentable subject matter. Our interview will uncover why you seek a patent: to protect a market niche, to protect a product line, to further the prestige of the company for bidding on contracts, to enhance assets for investors, strategic partners, acquisitions and mergers, or initial public offerings (IPOs). This way we can more assuredly prepare a patent application that attempts to do what you want it to do. We will then, with your full presence and participation, draft claims to the invention that provide the proper scope of protection. At that point, too, we can estimate a fixed price for preparing and filing the patent application and keep to that price within a small known variation provided the inventor thereafter makes no substantial changes.

Trademarks require particular attention to detail to establish and are fragile assets. Before you begin using a mark and investing your substantial advertising and promotional dollars in a mark, we can advise you as to whether or not it is a good mark. If the mark is clear for adoption, we will instruct you on how properly to use the mark on the goods in commerce to establish local and national rights on which worldwide rights can be based. Once the mark is established, we can advise you on the proper use to avoid loss of the mark and can guide your licensing/assignment of the mark to avoid abandonment.

Copyrights are available for all works of authorship. Works that are primarily utilitarian or mere ideas are not copyrightable. The form of the expression of the idea, and not the idea itself, is what is protectable. Our job is to make those concepts clear to you. Copyright law establishes that whoever creates a work is the author and owner, unless the author is a full-time employee, then the employer is the owner. Our job is to help you understand the ownership issue vis-a-vis part-time employees, consultants, independent contractors, friends and relatives and to offer a written contractual solution to the ownership question.

Trade Secrets require constant vigilance. If the secret gets out, there is no more trade secret. We can advise you, after a trade secret audit, on what you must do to secure your premises, maintain the confidentiality of important documents, control visitor access and educate your employees, consultants, suppliers and agents to prevent loss of your trade secrets.

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